Welcome to my personal homepage/blog. Here I will ramble about new technologies that I come across during my work. Expect mainly DevOps related content with some personal stuff as well.

Privacy - no more user tracking

Privacy for my users: No more Analytics on my Websites Just a short info: I’ve decided to remove the Matomo tracking code from my websites. I value my own privacy when surfing online and so it occured to me, that I should respect the privacy of my users just the same. I’m also thinking of replacing the DISQUS feature as it also includes way to many privacy traps (aka social networks). [Read More]

Privates, Blah, Blah, Baltic Honey Badger

german (english version below) Leider werde ich aus gesundheitlichen Gründen alle Voraussicht nach nicht am Baltic Honey Badger teilnehemen können, bzw. wenn dann nur Remote als Zuschauer. Ich hatte mich so auf den BTCPay Day gefreut. Aber manchmal macht einem die Gesundheit einen fetten Strich durch die Rechnung. Ich wünsche allen Teilnehmenden und dem Team von BTCPay Server eine spannende Konferenz. english Sadly I won’t be able to attend the Baltic Honey Badger event. [Read More]

Neue Projektidee

Ich überlege eine deutschsprachige Tutorial Serie für Webshop Händler zu BTCPayServer zu machen. Alles von: Bestellung eigener vServer / Einrichtung eines Raspberry PI Installation Betriebssystem + docker + btcpayserver Einstellung von Port-Forwarding um BTCPayServer im Clearnet verfügbar zu machen Einrichtung in gängigen Shop Systemen (Shopify, Woocommerce, individuelle Integration für PHP Entwickler) Was meint ihr wäre das richtige Format dafür? Ich denke an eine Serie von Blog Artikeln und ein paar Screencasts/youtube Videos. [Read More]

Getting Into Kubernetes (K8s)

After working with docker day in and out for almost 2 years, it feels like I’ve been missing out on the best parts of the whole container ecosystem. I’ve signed up for a cheap managed K8s offer with free credits to start with. They have a great CLI tool - doctl - which you can use to spin up clusters automatically, generate your kubectl config file including oAuth keys and all that good stuff. [Read More]

Server moved to Netcup

After about 1,5 years on a hetzner dedicated server which I was heavily under-utilizing, I finally decided to move all my family related websites and emails to a Netcup KVM server. This is definitly saving me a buck or two per month and is still more than enough power to run all my services. I also made the move from Apache to nginx which brought some difficulties with getting Nextcloud to run properly. [Read More]

First Post

Welcome to my personal blog. Here I will ramble about cool technologies and everyday life stuff.